Where I started

With a degree in Business Administration (Art/Graphic Design minor) I started my career as a computer professional. Many years later, I decided to go back to college to diversify my art training from painting to studio production pottery. At the Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, VA, my focus was on porcelain fired in a gas kiln.

After successfully completing the curriculum, I traded my managerial job in the corporate world for a custom built riverfront studio and started my own business. A few years later, I was invited to become a member of Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton, VA. Soon after I purchased shares in the gallery and become one of the owners until we sold it in the fall of 2011.


My work ranges from functional to whimisical. It is mostly handbuilt stoneware clay that is fired in an electric kiln to 2300 degrees. That will burn your pizza.


Growing up around various bodies of water has had a great impact on what I surround myself with. Shells are my source of inspiration.


But even better inspiration, is leaving the grey cubicle farm and using colored clay in my work.


Their texture, patterns, and colors weave their way into my art. Most of my work is hand built and decorated with a multitude of colored slips.




The process began in elementary school with pinch pots. Didn't everyone start out with little pottery projects brought home to mom that she never threw away? In college, I learned how to throw on the wheel and program computers, which allowed me to pay the mortgage.


Along the way I experimented with different mediums and levels of creativity. Made lots of mistakes and continue to do so all in the name of art.


I searched until I found my niche - functional pottery satisfies both my creative nature and my practical side. OK, so now I have another niche...crazy colored fish and pottery. Much brighter and fun.


For the functional pottery, if you have to clean it, then let it be useful, fun, and inspiring otherwise hang the fish on the wall and smile.


When I am not hand building pottery,  I use a kick wheel, manually powered by my leg, because I like the quiet, the control, and it eliminates  electricity.




Having the ability to create a vessel that will be put to the lips or hold a meal is a solemn responsibility.


It is not merely a mug for coffee that I can create.


Much thought has gone into the design:

  • The edge of the mug must be gently curved outward to allow for easy drinking. It cannot be too wide or too sharp.
  • The body is shaped to allow your hands to cradle the mug and enjoy the warmth of your beverage.
  • The handle must be sturdy yet interesting.
  • The entire mug must be light weight and durable.
  • And for me, it must be whimsical.


Knowing that what I create today could outlast me is a humbling concept.

What's new?

Check out my work at the following locations:

  • Jo Louise's Pop Shop  (Newport News)


  • Blue Skies Gallery (Hampton) 


  • Arts of the Albemarle (Elizabeth City, NC)


  • The Gallery at York Hall (Yorktown)

Always a great place to visit



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